Pre-Operative Eval

Am I healthy enough for surgery?

We Follow Guidelines Strictly To Save Patients Time and Avoid Unnecessary Interventions.

Purpose Of Preop Clearance

Every surgical operation is a risk for your body. After all, you will have medications administered for anesthesia, you may have a breathing tube inserted and you may bleed during the surgery, all of which requires that your body is prepared to endure such stress.

Best Way To Obtain Surgical Clearance

Over the years, multiple preoperative testing algorithms have been designed to accomplish a comprehensive surgical clearance and years long review helped doctors find the golden middle between too much and too little preop testing. The key here is to not order too many time consuming and often risky tests because they may not change how prepared you are for the surgery in the first place.

Typical Scope Of Testing Included in Preop Checkup

Each patients is different and may need different testing but staple of preop tests are the following:

History taking

Physical examination

Vitals: pulse, blood pressure, o2 sat

On-site urine testing (urinalysis)

Electrocardiogram (EKG)

Blood Draw(CBC, CMP, PT/INR, PTT)

Many of these tests are sent to outside labs directly from our office. When the results come back, they will be reviewed and promptly communicated to your surgeon!

Preop Coronavirus (COVID-19) Screening Swab

COVID-19 PCR may be done in drive-thru same day as your preop evaluation.

Get It Done In Time

To obtain timely, hassle-free and high-quality preop clearance please walk-in or book appointment with closest AllCare location.